About Us

Who we are 

Elders and Company is a family-run home fragrance atelier based in London. 

We make all of our products by hand in the North-West of England using traditional candle production methods, beautiful, high quality glassware and fine ingredients, carefully sourced and selected from the UK, Ireland and across Europe. 

What we do

We are specialists in creating unique and innovative home fragrances to help your home look and smell beautiful. 

We are a responsible enterprise, making thoughtful and conscious decisions about every part of our business from our sourcing and manufacturing methods, the raw materials we use, to the recyclable and reusable packaging and third party partners we choose, like delivery companies.

We truly believe that products which are less harmful to ourselves, our customers and our environment are better and more enjoyable to make and use. 

We are proud that all of our products are vegan-friendly. 

We are proud of our low-waste and low-plastic production policies and we’re working hard to find ways to become a no-waste and no-plastic company. Wherever possible, all of our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. 

What we don’t do

We don’t use animal products or animal by-products, such as natural animal musk, beeswax or honey. In the same way as many other luxury perfumers, we obtain these accords by using synthetic fragrances. 

We do not use any colourings, dyes, glitter or mica in our products. These ingredients can be harmful to the environment, wildlife and our health.

In fact, we think less is more and we don’t use anything in our products or packaging that we don’t think needs to be there to deliver oour exceptional olfactory experience  

We do not use any GM soy, coconut or vegetable products, nor do we use any soy or vegetable waxes which may contain pesticides or other agricultural chemicals. 

For press or marketing enquiries, please contact press@eldersandcompany.com